A little bit about us!

This is where we are supposed to write about our mission statement and all that stuff! Lets just tell you a bit about who we are and how we got started!

PrintSave.ie was started in November 2011 by Ian McGowan.

After many years studying graphic design and printing, he then entered the print industry. Ian worked his way up from estimating, to production management to eventually overseeing the entire operations of mid-level size print factory by the age of 30.

Then, at the height of Irish recession, he handed in his notice, walked away from his well paid management job, and set-up PrintSave.ie!!


"Having spent a number of years working in the lithographic print industry, working with an older generation, with outdated work cultures, with old litho machines, i knew it wasn't for me and times were changing in the print industry, and my workplace was unwilling to embrace the changes."

"I decided i wanted to move away from the older industrial machines, and set-up my own business and invest in new modern digital print machines."

"I wanted to offer an online presence, and provide reliable, fast, economical and quality printed products. I felt this was lacking in the Irish market".

PrintSave.ie was born!

We started with a retail store on Burgh Quay in Dublin city centre in November 2011. We outgrew that premises within a year, and moved to nearby property 5 times bigger. We outgrew that one too, and then moved to Nassau street, Dublin 2.

"After 2 years on Nassau street, we had plenty of walk-in business due to the location, but it was greatly affecting our growth and customer service. We couldn't expand and were limited to the size of the retail shop and offices. It also got so crammed on some days with customers, that it affected how we could serve our clients and provide the best possible service we endeavored to try provide".

So, after some consideration, Ian decided to relocate again! So thats 4 moves in 7 years, outgrowing and expanding at each opportunity! We must be doing something good!

Now we are located on the Naas Road, just outside the city centre, and we have a new 7000sqft production factory, showroom and offices. This will be our home for next few years - until Ian gets restless and decides to take more risks again!

Our plan is to focus heavily on our online presence, launching some new print brands, whilst growing our database of loyal and returning customers. We have experienced significant growth since we started, and we expect the next couple years to be even better.

If you need any advice, consultation, or just have some queries about printing, feel free to drop me an email on ian@printsave.ie

"If i can't print it, i will point you in the right direction anyway!"

Chat soon!